June 19

I’m not even sure where I left off anymore — I vaguely remember hitting send and collapsing into bed around two in the morning, and I’m sure that if I could have gushed at you in person instead of writing I would have kept you up all night :P

Oh! I haven’t told you what happened on the way back from the dance, and…this isn’t really a great time either —

The sunrise was stunning. The raindrops glittering in the trees, and the fields all so refreshed! The girls we’d driven with had fallen asleep in a corner. Lotte told me she was going to call a car service, and I was welcome to join her or nap and wait for them, no pressure either way. “As long as I can look into your eyes,” I said, looking right at her, “I’m in no danger of closing mine.” And we both managed to stay awake all the way to her front door :) She popped in quickly to make sure her dad and the kids were all asleep and well, and then she met me back on the doorstep. I asked her, can I see you again today?, she said yes, and I went over that afternoon; and ever since, the sun and moon and stars go round and round doing their thing but I can’t tell if it’s day or night and it’s like the world around me barely exists.