July 18

Will, what is life without love? It’s like a film projector with no bulb! As soon as you screw in the light, the most colorful pictures show up on your blank screen! And even if that’s all it is, even if you’re just projecting, it feels so nice to let yourself be a kid and just enjoy what you’re seeing. I couldn’t make it to Lotte’s today — this person came over to my place and WOULD NOT LEAVE. So what did I do? I got drinks tonight with a friend who’d seen her this morning :D Oh, I was so impatient waiting for him to show up, and I was so happy to see him! I would have picked him up and kissed him if I hadn’t been too embarrassed :P
You remember those glow-in-the-dark toys we had when we were kids, how they shone brighter in the dark if you’d held them up to a bright light? That’s how this guy was for me. Knowing her gaze had brushed across his face, his cheeks, his buttons, even the collar of his jacket made everything so holy to me, so — priceless! I wouldn’t have traded him for a million dollars in that moment. I felt so good, just being around him ^_^ You’d better not be laughing right now. Will, is it just projecting, when you feel so good?