August 10

I could have such a great, happy life if I weren’t such a dumbass… I mean, how lucky am I to have so many things around me that you’d think would make me feel fulfilled? sigh. I guess it goes to show, the only thing that can make you happy is you :-/ I get to be part of this wonderful family, with so much love all around — Albert seeing me as a son, the kids seeing me as a father, and Lotte…! — And Albert’s being so sweet, he’s not making anything awkward or weird, just letting me be happy; being so open and friendly and warm; I’m basically his best friend, after Lotte… it’s adorable, Will, listening to us walk together telling each other how great Lotte is; this has to be the world’s most absurd bromance, and even so it brings me to tears, just thinking about it…

He’s been telling me about her incredible mother — how on her deathbed she bequeathed the house and kids to Lotte and charged her with looking after them, and Lotte’s been a whole different person ever since, she’s become so attentive and so dedicated and really grown into being a true mother, and every second, she’s caring for them or working, and even still, she hasn’t lost any of her cheerfulness and optimism… — I just walk along beside him and pick flowers along the path, tie them very neatly into a wreath, and — throw them into the stream rushing past us, and watch them quietly drift away. — I don’t know if I mentioned yet that Albert’s staying here and starting a very well-paying job at a law firm he has connections at. I think he might be the most organized hard-working person I’ve ever met.