January 8, 2012

These PEOPLE! It’s like this corporate hierarchy has consumed their entire identity… the scheming, and the maneuvering about who’s going to have what position, and oh, who’s looking for “power”—it just never ends! And it’s not like there’s nothing else to do; no, actually, everything’s always running behind here, because people waste so much time over this drama that actually important things are always getting held up. Sigh… even the company ski trip a few weeks ago was all, “who’s going to sit next to the CEO on the ski lift?!?”… it was horrible.

And these morons don’t even understand that, really, it’s not about position at all! People at the top are almost never in charge! CEOs get ‘managed’ by their VPs, VPs get ‘managed’ by their assistants… and then who’s really running things? I feel like if you know how to read people and you can steer them consciously or unconsciously towards carrying out your vision, heck, you’re the boss.