February 20 (Werther to Albert)

Wow—congratulations to both of you! God grant you all the happy days he takes away from me!

You know, Albert, I’m actually glad you went behind my back. I kept waiting to hear when the wedding was going to be, and I had this whole ritual planned out of taking Lotte’s silhouette down from my wall that day and burying it at the bottom of a drawer. But now you’re married, and the picture’s still up! And you know what? It’s staying up! ‘Cause why not? I mean, we’re all still so close, I know it’s not like Lotte’s relationship with you diminishes what she and I have, I’m still #2 in her heart and I want to & HAVE to stay there. Gah, I would go crazy if she ever forgot—Albert, that thought goes to a very dark place. Be well, Albert! Be well, Angel of Heaven! Be well, Lotte!