December 20

Thank you for the love you show me, Will, in taking that phrase and running with it like that. Yes, you’re right: I should just go. I’m not a huge fan of your idea of my coming back to you guys… at very least, I’d want to do some kind of road trip on the way, especially since it’s barely snowing and the roads are clear. And it’s also very sweet of you to offer to come pick me up here; just give me another two weeks, and keep your eyes open for another letter from me with the details. You don’t want to pick a fruit before it’s ripe, right? And two weeks more or less can make a big difference.

Please tell my mom to pray for her son, and that I hope she forgives me for all the embarrassment I’ve put her through. I guess I was just meant to make life hard for the people I should be making happy.

Be well, dear friend! Heaven shine all its blessings on you!