May 12

I don’t know whether tricksy fairies have put a spell on me or whether I have some Eden-fantasy I’m seeing this place through, but everything around me just seems magical! Right by the garden there’s a fountain, and I’m bound to it by a charm like a frog in a fairy tale :D You just walk over a little hill, through an arch, down a stairway carved into the rock, and there it is: beautiful clear water sparkling in a marble basin. The mini cave the cliff makes curving around it, the ring of tall trees swooping in, the cool, damp air — it’s all kind of alluring, kind of eerie. I sit out there every day for at least an hour. Sometimes I see people on picnics filling their water bottles, and I tell myself they’re servants of the King drawing water for His Majesty :P Oh, Will, when I sit there, images of olden times come so vividly to life around me — how Men in days of yore would joine and revelle by such Fountaines, back when kindly Nymphs frolick’d in every Brooke and Spring! And if that sounds silly to you, all I can say is, you’ve never cooled off at a shady fountain after a tough summertime hike :)